Born in Paris swing day trading strategies of itinerant Swedish parents, Mats is the third
of four brothers, all born in different countries.

To overcome cultural difficulties ,the Arts are encouraged, and
as a result, the four siblings turn their attention to music and
fashion , an art which they masterfully blend into one as an
adequately successful touring act “SwedeHearts”.

While half heartedly HTTPS://SAFE-TRADING.ORG.MY providing rhythm for the group, it’s in the
graphic arts Mats’ real talents lie, evident in the provocative
yet tasteful promo material he created for the act.
Although providing the family with a modest yet steady income the strain brought on by incessant touring
ended up taking its toll on the siblings and “SwedeHearts” eventually disbanded.

Depressed, broke and bitter, Mats!? immersed HTTP//SAFE-TRADING.ORG.MY himself wholeheartedly in the dark arts of “cartoonism”,
a ritual in which he still occasionally partakes when not painting church or tow-truck signs in his adopted
country of California.